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We Make Choosing Technology Easy

There are hundreds of telecom and technology providers nationwide, offering a variety of products, services and packages. Choosing the best combination of equipment, software and bandwidth requires a large time investment, especially if your business has complicated needs, specialized requirements and multiple locations. 

Fostar has done the research for you. As a telecom agent, we test new technology in our labs and use that research to create customized recommendations for your business, order all services and then streamline the onboarding process. We work with you and your IT professionals to identify products that will benefit your business, and we are trained to provide support during and after the installation of your system. We leverage our 20+ years of experience and strong vendor relationships to navigate through the crowded technology space to help you simplify and save. 

How We Work with You


As a neutral broker, we work closely with you to identify the voice, data and cloud communication services your business requires, no matter how diverse or complex. We review your current technology and provide options that consider both your unique needs and overall cost.

We leverage our industry relationships and network of over 150 leading providers to negotiate contracts that will get you the best possible prices for the solution that you choose after your assessment. Because we are compensated directly from the providers, much like their own internal sales team, there is no additional cost for most of our services.


After your technology plan has been identified and the contract is finalized, we actively assist you and your IT team install and test your new communications system. 

We develop timelines for installation to make sure the process stays on course and meets your deadline, regardless if your services are being installed in new or existing locations.

We work diligently to insure your end solution is performing optimally and are there to help troubleshoot if problems arise.


We continuously test new technology so we can support your business through training and education that enables you to maximize the features and efficiencies included with your hardware and software purchases.

We get involved to help eliminate redundancies, minimize double-billing and disconnect outdated equipment.

Through our strong relationships with the carriers and knowledge of their support process, we can escalate service tickets to shorten wait times and insure that your company is reconnected as soon as possible.

Preferred Providers

Businesses Helped

Agent Partners

When we first moved to Fostar, we saved money. And we saved a lot of money. Instantly. It’s not just about selling us telecom. They really are invested in making sure our business is better. That’s not something you get from every vendor. ­I would recommend Fostar in a heartbeat. There isn’t a better group of people or company I’ve ever worked with.

Waleed S.

Owner, Blue and White Taxi

I have had the pleasure of working with Jon Foster for the past 5 years. Fostar takes customer service to a degree that is unmatched by others in the telecommunications industry. They are creative, resourceful and dedicated to finding the best solution possible for their customers. I refer business to them without reservation.

David S.

Cloud Taskforce

I would recommend Fostar to anybody. It’s been a blessing working with them. They saved us a lot of time and money. Since  working with them, our uptime on our internet and telecom has been the biggest improvement. I get comments from our management all the time about how we’ve never had service like this. And I truly believe it’s because of Fostar.

Ryan W.

Director of IT, Allstate Peterbuilt

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using a telecom agent?

Experienced independent agents/brokers build long-term relationships with your business and get to know your unique needs and preferences. Unlike direct carrier representatives, they are carrier agnostic and will provide unbiased answers about a carrier’s network reliability, billing issues, ease of installation and ability to provide the technology you actually need. They act as a single point of contact for everything related to telecom, requesting bids from several carriers to make sure you can make an educated purchasing decision.

What types of businesses can benefit from your services?

Fostar works with small to mid-sized businesses that can benefit from our knowledge of telecom providers, pricing structures and partnership with their internal IT teams to help them save hours of time researching different service offerings and negotiating contracts.

How much does it cost to use Fostar’s services?

Because telecom carriers use the same pricing structure for both the agent and direct sales channels, using Fostar as your agent will not cost you more than buying direct from the carrier. In fact, because of our relationships with multiple carriers, we may be able to find special incentives and promotions, which can reduce your bottom line.

How do you determine the best providers for our business?

Once we identify the technology your business needs, we use our knowledge of the different services, pricing and reliability of each vendor to develop multiple quotes for you. We make sure each carrier we recommend can provide a complete solution that can grow with your business. In many cases, we may recommend a multi-carrier solution to insure you won’t get stuck in a contract that can’t meet your future needs.

How long does it typically take to install new services?

Installation time can vary greatly, depending on your current location and technology that is already in placer. If moving into a new office building, there may be issues involving cables, fiber or permitting that can delay the process. Based on those challenges, we will work up a timeline to ensure milestones are met to keep your telecommunications on course.

Why should we choose Fostar instead of one of your competitors?

We don’t just sell services, we know how they work. We continuously test new technology before we make recommendations, so you can be guaranteed to get the right products and services.

We get involved, offering as much management as you need from vendor coordination to onboarding and training. And we stay involved, offering back-end support and helping to make sure your open tickets are resolved quickly.    

We have an internal IT department. How would you work with them?

Your IT department knows your company’s technology needs better than anyone, but it can take too much of their valuable time to stay up-to-date on the latest provider offerings and pricing structures. We can help your IT team review contracts and streamline processes, which can directly affect your bottom line. We also have direct contacts with representatives at the providers, which can help resolve issues more quickly.  

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Fostar helps small and mid-sized businesses navigate the confusing telecommunications market, enabling them to make informed decisions about their cloud, data and voice services and assisting with contracts, installation and support.