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Access, analyze and develop a
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Cloud Services

Scalable, fast & secure.
Simplify your business
and create a cloud
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your needs.

Data Services

Streamlined, reliable &
Internet connectivity
solutions built to suit
your needs.

Voice Services

Collaborative, flexible &
Voice & conferencing
solutions that make
every dial simple.

Business Simplified.

FOSTAR strives to provide an independent technology assessment strategy for your business.

Years of competition within the technology industry has produced hundreds of service providers, selling a wide variety of products and services, which in turn has caused confusion and a lengthy selection process for companies trying to navigate and determine what best suits their needs. Our goal is to partner with your business to create technology solutions that work.  We are on the cutting-edge of technology and as your advocate, we have a proven track record in simplifying the myriad of options as well as using our knowledge and expertise to find the right solutions for your specific needs. Navigating your business into new technologies has never been easier with our team ready to support you.



We focus specifically on the cloud, data, and voice services every business needs. Having been in the business communications area for over 15+ years, Fostar offers independent objective assessments tailored to each client’s specific needs.


We assist companies in making informed technology decisions. As  technology products continue to advance, and the service provider market changes, Fostar works to determine for a business the correct combination of services and the right provider to deliver those services.


We continuously research and test, new technologies. Our due diligence and commitment to efficiencies yields our clients the best quality in business continuity.


  • I want to express my appreciation for your expertise, diligence and work put forth with the upgrade and conversion of our telecom system. You did what we needed for a smooth transition and for that I am more than thankful.

    Dave W. Xylem Company
  • We appreciate your continued support and promptness to addressing our needs.

    Bob B. Lube Tech
  • We have been partners with Fostar for 6 years and have had nothing but positive experiences with them! The agents and staff are excellent; very knowledgeable about their clients’ needs and easy to work with from introduction through implementation.

    Tess U. Dialogue
  • I was just courted by a Century link rep. Call came from Protel Syst Sup 417-875-6070. Funny how I got a sales call days after they were here to fix a complete outage on our T1. After telling me how our rates would be so much better with them I told him that it took us 5 companies to find Fostar and we have no desire to consider their offer and thought you should know. Thank You again for the wonderful job you’ve done for us!

    Jay B. LTO Financial, LLC
  • As a Partner Advocate at their Master Agency Telegration, I have had the pleasure of working with Fostar for over 2 years.  Fostar has become one of Telegration’s trusted partners; their team members are knowledgeable and attentive to customers and, on a personal note, are a pleasure to work with on a daily basis.  Their attention to detail throughout the process provides a customer experience that is unmatched in today’s ever changing industry.

    Heather C. Telegration
  • As a business partner and colleague, I have had the pleasure of working with Jon Foster and his organization in many capacities. As a fellow Director of the Alliance Partners, Jon continues to provide expert industry insight and thoughtful leadership.  His integrity and fervor for client advocacy is unmatched and clearly resonates through his team at Foster Inc. They are experts in selecting and managing your business’ technology services and really bring a competitive edge to their clients

    David Sebestyen Cloud Taskforce
  • Everything is going well since we changed providers. Please thank your team for a smooth transition of our services.

    James N. Benefits Plus, LLC
  • I just wanted to again thank you guys for getting all of our Internet and phone service moved to our new location so quickly and also with no hassle for us, and we are also very pleased with the pricing you secured from the vendors, too. Please feel free to use this email as a recommendation from a very satisfied customer, or let us know if any prospects would like to speak with me directly about the fantastic services you guys provided. Again, thank you!

    Peter T. Destineer
  • I have to say that after 32 years of working in the restaurant business I have had many people say to me "Don't worry I will take care of all your problems." This has come from many vendors and as you probably know that has rarely happened. I switched service after much consideration. It was Not just a price savings thing. I do not hop from one company to another to save a little money. It was how you and your team took care of me, answered my questions and made me feel that I would not only have better service but that you would always be there for me. That has been said to me many times but YOU Jon ( your company) actually HAVE delivered everytime. I just want to say "Thanks" for all the supportive phone calls from you (way after hours) and your staff. THANKS! I feel I am in good hands.

    Cathy B. Green Mill
  • You all have been so helpful with our office move. I have to say that this is the first phone company that treats their customers right so for that thank you. This also has made my customers happy because there really was no down time which is huge.

    Nichole R. Stuff It
  • Thank you, Chris! You get results!

    Bonnie E. WL Hall
  • Thanks for getting us through the install of our Comcast internet service. Please pass my appreciation on to the Fostar team as well!

    Jim S. Clear Channel
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Jon Foster for the past year.  Jon takes customer service to a degree that is unmatched by others in the telecommunications industry.  He is creative, resourceful and dedicated to finding the best solution possible for his customers.  I refer business to Jon without reservation.

    Glenn S. Express Employment Professionals
  • Thank you, Chris, for being so thoughtful and helpful.  You helped me a lot today.......and although I waited quite sometime on the helpline the agent that was helping me was helpful......but you were the biggest help of all!

    Doris O. Thorpe Real Estate
  • Thank you for thinking and taking care of our needs. I do appreciate you and the service you have provided!

    Patti P. Henningson & Snoxell, LTD
  • Thanks for all the support with our recent move. You guys are great!!

    Donell C. JDDTLD
  • Big thanks to Steven Graybow and the Fostar team for helping us vet the telecom providers to get the best solution for our business, coordinate the implementation of those services, and continue to provide us excellent ongoing support.  

    Andy F. Affiance Financial, CFP®/Principal
  • WOW!!!  You guys are a fine oiled machine!!!! Thank you for all your help and support.

    Cory W. Neve Webb, Pllc
  • Steven Graybow and Fostar go above and beyond to work with their clients to find the right technology solutions for the present and the future. Their partnership approach is a critical component to success.  It was a pleasure to work with them.

    Joshua W. Sabes JCC CEO
  • We are a growing Community Mental Health Organization operating in the greater Twin Cities area.  A couple of years ago we executed a rescue merger which resulted in the relocation of critical voice based services.  The services are 24x7x365 and an outage is not a possibility (consequences could be life threatening).  We searched the TC area for an organization who had the capacity to coordinate all the voice & data carriers so that the risk of an outage was minimized.  This search led us to Kevin Kile from FOSTAR.  Kevin and FOSTAR were able to deliver the impossible with zero line interruption!  They became a valued partner that day and we utilize their expertise now in all things voice and data transmission related.  Thanks Kevin and FOSTAR for partnering with us to bring Hope, Healing, and Recovery to people’s lives.

    Steve H. Canvas Health


Why choose FostarSHeader?

To put it simply, we are here for you.

Whether it is trying to find the best cloud, data and voice solution to fit your needs, troubleshooting a complex issue that comes up or simply answering a question, we are here for you. Our goal is to partner with our clients to create a business relationship that works well for everyone, so no matter the circumstance, you know our team is behind you.