Technology Solutions Customized for Your Business

Together we are even better.

Technology Assessment

The Power to Choose.

We represent you and function as your advocate. We help you achieve your business goals by working closely with your core business requirements, we come back with only one or two providers as options in each area so you can focus on other business initiatives.  We save you the time and effort involved in evaluating numerous solutions.


Readiness Service – Optimize Your Technology

We offer tested and proven options for every aspect of technology collaborations with a thorough assessment of your needs. We work to help fit into your business key value propositions. During the assessment and representation phases we will assess your readiness for consolidated technology and conduct an in-depth analysis. Our expert assessment is to discover your solution road map so you get peace of mind, clarity and maximum return from your investment.

Cloud Services

We are on the cutting-edge of Cloud technology and strive to provide solutions that make your day-to-day business faster, more secure and more cost effective. Taking your business into the Cloud has never been easier with our team ready to support you.


Cloud services are design to be flexible and provide scalable access to your resources for your entire team anywhere, anytime, any device. Additionally they can be immediately administered and tailored to your every need so if you suddenly find your business needing more bandwidth or storage, your cloud service provider can meet the demand without the headache.

Fast & Accessible

Whether you are sitting at your desk on your computer or at the airport on your mobile device, as long as you have an Internet connection your data is accessible. So if you need to pull up client document, information for a meeting or project specs for a co-worker and you aren’t at your computer all of your data is ready and waiting to quickly retrieve and get the job done.


Putting your business in the Cloud simplifies infrastructure and workflow automation. Cloud workspaces leaves it to the cloud service company to do the technical heavy lifting  No longer will server maintenance or security updates be necessary in-house freeing up time and resources for other things.


When your business is stored in the cloud, data can still be accessed no matter what happens to a machine so if a computer is lost or stolen you still have full access to what is really valuable – your information. Your data is kept on secure servers that are meticulously maintained and updated with the latest security measures.

What the Cloud Can Do For Your Business

Studies have shown the benefits of the Cloud include scalability, flexibility, agility, better total cost of ownership (TCO), faster time to market, strategic advantage through technology, savings in capital expenditures, predictable operating costs and more. Furthermore with taking your physical servers and data centers out of the equation and putting them online you are only using  the server space you need, reducing your carbon footprint and making your business slimmer and more cost effective.

Data Services

No matter the size of your business, Fostar has a variety of data solutions to get you connected. With a range of Internet access solutions and data plans, no matter what type of capacity you need, we will help match you with a plan that works.


After being in the business for over 15 years, we know data. We offer top-of-the-line data solutions that keep you connected with the world. We specialize in providing the latest technology, and are dedicated to making sure your Internet connection is fast, reliable and headache-free. Whether you have a multi-site enterprise or a small business, FOSTAR recognizes that you need a data solution that fits for your specific needs and we are ready to customize a solution to help your business grow.

Voice Services

Communication is key in business. No matter if you are calling a client on the other side of the world or a co-worker in the same building, we want to make sure you have a plan that works with ease.


Our voice solutions offer a variety of powerful features that will make calling a breeze. Whether you are looking for cloud-based voice services or are looking for a more in-depth managed voice solution for your call center, we combine the best in the latest voice technology to custom fit a solution for every business, big or small.

Tailored to Fit Your Needs

We work to identify your business’s specific voice needs and use our extensive knowledge of the industry to match you with a solution that is right for you. Your time is valuable and our years of experience with different clients’ unique needs gives us the insight needed to avoid wasting time with solutions that don’t work and jump straight to the ones that do.